Joie de Vivre

Romance in New Orleans Book 1

Magic. Music. Secrets. Love. Betrayal. Sex. Scandal.

Get seduced in down in New Orleans.


From bestselling romance author, Katherine L. Evans, comes a story of destiny reuniting a man and a woman after nearly a decade and across hundreds of miles—only to drop them in the midst of the deadliest natural disaster the United States has ever seen.

College students Scott Latimer and Ophelia McCarthy were perfect strangers when they barely survived a deadly tornado in Austin, Texas. Seven years later, the scars of Mother Nature's wrath are still permanently etched on their lives.

Now a frustrated and under-stimulated reporter, Scott's desire for passion in his life and work compels him to uproot his life in Texas and move to New Orleans on a whim. In his new role as an arts and culture reporter, he encounters a reclusive, yet vaguely familiar young woman, but he can't place where he's seen her before. Ophelia, however, knows him the instant she sees him for the first time since that life-altering storm.

Ophelia manages a boutique that specializes in antiques and local New Orleans artwork. Her dream of moving her shop to a prime location in the French Quarter hinges on earning enough money for the down payment, and Scott suggests that an ongoing feature story about her unique business will bring in the money she needs. The only problem is Ophelia's insistence upon hiding her disfigured face from the world.

It takes a lot of coaxing from Scott to get Ophelia to warm up to the idea—and to him—but just as their plan comes together, Mother Nature revisits them in the form of an unprecedented tragedy in the making. Hurricane Katrina is roiling off the Gulf Coast, and for the storm-ravaged lovers, their destiny appears to be an inevitable, catastrophic end.

JOIE DE VIVRE is called "full of heart, dynamic and realistic characters, meaningful, and a story you will love," by BeingFictional Book Reviews. As the first full-length novel in the Romance in New Orleans series, it is equal parts slow-burn romance and gripping recent history with an HEA that will leave you crying tears of joy. Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Big Easy like never before and from anywhere you can take your Kindle!
Get seduced with Joie de Vivre, book 1 of the most highly anticipated New Orleans romance series of 2018.

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Only the Strong

Romance in New Orleans Book 2

“I want you. I never stopped. It was always you. But I don’t know how to be anything good for you.”

Ten years after leaving the Army, Connor Deneau has become an expert at running from the ghosts of his past. Fortunately, as the talent scout for a New Orleans record label, he has plenty to distract him. The Big Easy is an endless source of pleasure for all his senses, and life is smooth sailing—that is until he shows up at work one day to find himself face-to-face with a pair of long legs attached to none other than the woman he virtually destroyed a decade earlier.

Music marketing phenom Liza Hardin vowed to never return to New Orleans, but when her star client leaves for greener pastures, she’s faced with a choice: the unemployment line or an assignment working with the man who broke her heart so badly it nearly killed her—literally.

The bitter ex-lovers are tasked with taking a new artist from obscurity to stardom in order to save the record label, pushing them into close quarters and forcing them to confront the obvious: their mutual desire didn’t die with their former relationship, but sometimes even love can’t combat painful secrets and the bitter realities of life.

“I did love you, Liza. Things just got complicated.”

“You thought you did, and even when things get complicated, love is still extremely simple.”

ONLY THE STRONG is the perfect blend of sexual tension and heartwarming devotion, and tells the story of two people who bear unseen wounds. This unorthodox, hot office romance is the second standalone in the Romance in New Orleans series from bestselling romance author Katherine L. Evans. Prepare to laugh, cry, fan your face, and experience sultry New Orleans,  as you get lost in this heart-melting story of second chance romance.

Available 12.18.18.

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Luck of the Draw

Romance in New Orleans Book 3

“They call him a gentleman rake.”

“They do call me that, and it’s a title I claim with pride.”

After spending his early twenties as a Marine Corps scout sniper, Brennan Riley learned that life is a lot like a game of poker—the only way to survive is through luck and skill. Now as a civilian and the heir to one of the biggest fortunes in New Orleans, life has proved to him that luck and skill are the keys to maintaining his position as the city’s most eligible and infamous bachelor. Despite urgings from his parents to settle down into a respectable life, Brennan is whiskey-bent and hell-bound in his pursuit of the best things his city has to offer: gambling and women. He’s never hit a snag with either, until he takes home a stunning, yet mysterious woman and finds the bruises.

“New Orleans is my hometown, but this is no home. This is hell.”

Skye has spent her life shrouded in secrecy and danger, and she’s had enough. She has one plan to escape the hellish life she’s led in New Orleans, and all she needs to make it happen is an unsuspecting man who has a bed and a car.

After a one-night-stand gone awry, Brennan and Skye find themselves in the crosshairs of the most sinister characters that lurk in the underworld of New Orleans. With long-repressed guilt over his career kills, Brennan is hell-bent on saving the life of the one woman he’s ever found himself falling for. But for Skye, love is and always has been nothing but another weapon, and all she wants is freedom.

LUCK OF THE DRAW is equal parts sin and redemption, and brings together two people who couldn’t be more different, but have more in common than meets the eye. This unconventional opposites attract romance is the third standalone in the Romance in New Orleans series from bestselling romance author Katherine L. Evans. Experience the glittering realm of New Orleans’ high society contrasted against the depths of its seedy underworld rarely seen by any, while you root for a hero and a heroine who save themselves and save each other in the process.

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Long Gone Cat

Amidst love and loss, and fame and fortune, this gripping, reader-beloved novel reveals the aftermath of when desire collides with tragedy.

Heartbroken and newly orphaned Catarina “Cat” Bellafiore believes starting over in New York City will soothe her aching soul. After weeks of loneliness, she finds a dear friend in her neighbor, charming, but discouraged Alec Branneth. But what starts out as a priceless friendship quickly becomes the catalyst for harrowing circumstances that will alter the course of Cat’s life forever. Secrets, lies, devastating loss, and old wounds … insurmountable odds? Or, can love conquer all?

Long Gone Cat is Katherine L. Evans’ bestselling debut contemporary romance, a thrilling tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages as you discover what fate has in store for star-crossed lovers, Cat and Alec.

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Stay With Me

Hopeless romantic Samantha is unlucky in love. After an instant connection with a sexy restaurant owner, however, she believes her luck is on the uptick.

Shameless sleaze Nick uses his high-end restaurant as an endless source of women. He never has any trouble sealing the deal—that is until he meets Samantha.

She requires a minimum of ten dates before she’ll jump into bed with him so he plays the part of the perfect boyfriend and suggests a romantic getaway as a means to get around it. What was supposed to be a fun, sexy weekend quickly transforms into eighteen harrowing hours when a catastrophic accident thrusts them into survival mode.

Nick is faced with his deepest fears and ultimately questions everything he’s ever believed about life and love.

And once Nick’s true character is revealed, Samantha questions whether she should be with him at all.

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The Arrangement

Unbreakable Love Book 1

College student Shannon Callaghan survived something unimaginable. Now she's hell-bent on making up lost time and achieving success beyond her wildest dreams.

Jack MacCarrick is Hollywood's most eligible and elusive bachelor. He has zero trouble getting any woman he wants—and after a chance encounter at a film festival in Austin, Texas, he wants Shannon.

He makes her an offer that no woman could refuse—a week-long stay with him at his palatial Manhattan penthouse. Seven days of city luxury, and seven nights of heated passion. At the end of the week, they will go their separate ways with nothing but delicious memories. It all looks very good on paper, and after surviving the hell on earth of her previous relationship, it's exactly what Shannon needs.

But right off the bat, the sexy arrangement goes rogue. And Jack and Shannon are about to realize that "no strings attached" may be an impossible proposition.

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Until You

Unbreakable Love Book 2

Shannon Callaghan wakes up to a world and a life she doesn’t recognize. In the midst of such circumstances, she’s relieved to find that she has a kind and devoted fiancé in handsome, yet mysterious, Jack MacCarrick.

As time passes, however, it becomes clear to Shannon that this is no ordinary engagement—and Jack is no ordinary man. A wedding is impending and she has to make a decision soon, but the life she appeared to be living with Jack is one that she isn’t sure she wants to continue.

Set in magical New York City, Until You is more than just a romance novel. It is a gripping tale of true love and unwavering devotion amidst the throes of coping with mental illness, eating disorders, and a history of violent abuse. Now a #1 Amazon Bestseller, Until You is a survivor story that readers will relate to on a personal level, and remember long after they reach The End.

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The Choice

Unbreakable Love Book 3

After an experience that could only be described as an uphill hike through the pit of Hell, celebrity couple Jack and Shannon have everything they always dreamed of. One and a half years into their marriage, life is pretty perfect.

But perfection, it seems, can’t last forever. They are faced with a life-threatening choice that must be made—and they have to make it fast. Ensuring their future together will come at a hefty price, and it’s one that they aren’t sure they want to pay.

"True love finds its way again, but not without a fight! Great story that is read with compassion and respect to couples that are faced with such challenges in real life."

— Amazon Review

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