About KLE

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The World of KLE is a lot like the real world, only more exciting, more romantic, and more dramatic. All of my characters exist in this world and they often run into each other outside of their own stories! Each of my books is connected to the rest through stories that intertwine in ways you'd least expect, and outside the realm of the traditional romance series. So if you find a character you particularly like, check out another book and you'll probably find them there too.


About the Books

I'm a sucker for a deeply moving love story that makes me run the gamut of emotions, and that's what you'll find in all of my stories. My novels are made up of a unique voice that depicts true-to-life issues, which are simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking. In each of my books, you will experience stories that transport you to vividly depicted, real-life locations that hold a special place in my heart. With authenticity at the forefront, you will meet flawed, relatable characters as they navigate internal conflicts that I've encountered first-hand in some form or fashion, and who will stay in your heart long after you reach The End. I hope you love them as much as I do.

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