I tried a collagen supplement so you don’t have to.


About two months ago, I was drinking and shopping online (a very bad idea that I do not recommend), and I purchased SkinnyFit's SuperYouth Collagen Supplement buy-one-get-one-free style! Because of this, I committed to using it every single day to get my money's worth. I have made it through the whole first container of this stuff and here are my thoughts!

First of all, full disclosure, I am not a registered dietician, medical professional, or anybody qualified to give advice on anything health and fitness related. I am just a writer who has a long history of maintaining my own health and fitness, which includes having used a lot of supplements, so I am only speaking from my own experience. Please consult your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any diet, exercise routine, or any kind of supplement.

SkinnyFit's SuperYouth collagen supplement claims to reduce cellulite and "support weight loss". Everyone should just be aware up front that those are hollow marketing buzz words, and if you take this hoping for some kind of effortless miracle, you will be disappointed. Nothing will "reduce cellulite" other than diet, exercise, and having genes that make you prone to having less or no cellulite. If you have cellulite, you're going to have cellulite. You can control it by lowering your body fat percentage. That only happens when you eat at a caloric deficit and actually tap into your fat stores and use them up. Every person in the fitness world knows this (or at least they *should* given their choice of profession) and if they tell you otherwise, they are trying to sell you something.

Further, the way it "supports weight loss" is due to it containing a fair amount of protein per serving. This is a collagen supplement, and the sources of collagen are animal-based products (beef, chicken, fish, and egg), and that's where the protein comes from. Consuming protein first thing in the morning (or whenever) will help stabilize your appetite and potentially curb carb cravings (in a miniscule way) if whatever else you're eating has too many carbs and not enough protein.

So this is not a magic makeover product. It's just a collagen supplement, so you need to think of it as a daily vitamin and expect results that are realistic to gain from a vitamin. It is a decent collagen supplement, but there's nothing special about, and it's actually a bit more pricey than others (I will be buying a different brand going forward that is about $20 cheaper).

That said, I have been persuaded that I need to keep taking a collagen supplement on a regular basis. If it did anything for my appearance (wrinkles, skin brightening, etc.) I didn't notice. What it definitely and noticeably helped with was my joints. If I'm sitting for too long, I have noticed in recent years that my knees get super sore and achy. Which is fine most of the time because it forces me to get off my ass and walk around for a bit. However, there are times when I can't (or it's inconvenient to) get up and walk around (such as watching a movie or driving in the car), and my knees make me very sad because they are so sore!

This stuff seems to have corrected that. My knees haven't gotten sore in at least a couple of weeks, and that is AWESOME. I hate when my knees are sore, so this has improved my quality of life at least as far as that is concerned.

I did notice that it seemed to stabilize my appetite in the morning in terms of me not having a feeling of low blood sugar early in the day. I never eat anything until I've been awake for at least three or four hours because I'm just not hungry for a while after waking up, so taking this as soon as I wake up has helped me not feel sick from low blood sugar before I'm ready to eat.

Anyway, my assessment is I think a collagen supplement is super beneficial once you reach a certain age, and this is a good choice, albeit a pricier one. My feelings about it are that in the long term I'm better off having added this to my daily vitamins than not having it, but also if I wasn't using it I wouldn't be significantly worse off.

Nothing that comes in a bottle, canister, pill, whatever is going to work some kind of miracle for you. Almost all of the time these supplements are just that--something that supplements what you're already doing to support and maintain your health. I have been maintaining my health and fitness through a decent diet and regular exercise since I was a teenager, so it's already part of my lifestyle. If you do not already have that as part of your lifestyle, there isn't a single product available anywhere that will fix it for you on its own.

If you're interested in purchasing this particular product, you'll have to just Google it.

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