RISE: a tale of survival and devotion

The assignment as a war correspondent in Syria was a last resort.

After years spent in a dead-end job as a local reporter, I needed a challenge; something exciting; something to allow me to rise above my torrid past and mundane life and do something great.

I called it destiny. Austin Carrera, my ex-boyfriend who suddenly resurfaced a year after he left me, called it a suicide mission.

We both knew how many reporters traveled to that war-torn country and never returned. And he knew my deep, dark secret. The real reason I needed this mission so badly.

After breaking my heart, Austin suddenly wanted to save me. But his new desire to save me wasn’t enough to deter my desire to fulfill that deep, dark need. The destiny that has been calling to me since childhood.

The one I would fulfill in a ravaged land where people just like me unwittingly went to die.


RISE is the story of a rookie war reporter trying to find fulfillment by running from her painful past to a foreign land, only to discover that old wounds don’t heal on their own, and she must face them head-on. It is a heartbreaking story of loss, a heartwarming portrait of unwavering friendship and unconditional love, and a compelling example of the many ways love can conquer all.