The Weird Reason Why I Stopped Caring And Why You Should Too.

Allow me to play Captain Obvious for a second.

As you may know, I write books.

Shocking revelation, right?

I’m not the world’s greatest novelist (even though sometimes I like to pretend I am). I have written a few books (you can see them all here ), but I would by no means call myself an expert or anything.

You know what I’m an expert at?

Not caring.

That sounds terrible, right? Keep reading, and I’ll explain.

All those books I linked you to above have one thing in common. It’s the one thing you expect from a romance novel. And what is it?

A happy ending.

Keyword: HAPPY

As a romance author, as an author in general, what I really believe in is the pursuit of happiness.

The whole point of a romance novel is for those lovers to toil through all the trials and tribulations so that they can arrive at their HEA or HFN by the end of the book.

So allow me to explain how this somehow connects to not caring.

Once upon a time, I was writing my very first book, and I was scared to death what people I knew would think about it. I was so scared of my friends and family finding out that I was writing a sappy, sexy romance novel that I hid in my closet at night while I wrote the whole thing using the Google docs app on my phone.

It wasn’t until after I had written my second book and the first one was under contract with a publisher that I finally “came out of the closet” literally and figuratively to my family and friends. And the only reason I finally told everyone that I had been writing books was because I had the approval of that publishing contract.

And what I learned in retrospect was that I made my journey as an author harder at the beginning because I was so afraid of what everyone would think.

I was embarrassed by what made me happy, which was writing sappy, sexy romance novels.

And later, when I finally revealed my big secret to everyone…


It wasn’t as big a deal as I had made it out to be in my head. People were either super supportive or they were indifferent.

In the end, nobody cared. At least, not in the horrible way I was worried about them caring.

So I realized my pursuit of happiness was hindered by me caring.

Caring about what other people would think.

Caring that they were going to disapprove.

So I became an expert at NOT caring.

And let me tell you, , it is liberating.

So, what about you, ? What is the one thing that would make you happy, but that you might be avoiding because you’re worried about people disapproving?

What is your pursuit of happiness, and how is caring standing in your way?

How can not caring liberate you?

Or maybe you’re already living your best life not worried about the approval or disapproval of other people. If so, I want to hear about that, too!

Post a comment and let me know.

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